Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch By John Allman
This is Bosch's most famous paintings, The Garden of Earthly Delights. This is why he is so famous.

Hieronymus Bosch was born around the year 1450 and died in 1516. He was born in a small Dutch city near the Belgian border named Hertogenbosch. Researchers believe this is where he got his name from. When Bosch died he was famous, celebrated throughout his city because people admired his originality. His paintings were so different and interesting that even Phillip II collected his work. Historians are actually starting to think that he might have had ADHD because of the craziness in his paintings. Hieronymus worked very hard on all of his works despite his relatively few works.

delightd.jpg This is a close-up from The Garden of Earthly Delights it is one of his renderings of hell. Bosch made hell disgusting to try
and make you not to sin.

Barely anything is known about Bosch's personal life but what some people draw from his paintings are that he was a religious man. In his paintings he would paint these completely disturbing images of hell to try and convince you not to commit sins, he also painted other religious scenes like The Garden of Eden. I think that even though these paintings of Hell might be a little gross I believe back then he might have convinced people to be better to the world which could also be another reason why Kings liked him. He could get good people to be better and bad people to be good. Bosch's skill at painting monsters and people was actually quite nice, he could paint beautiful muscle tones and great reflections.

Bosch never dated his paintings and his teacher is unknown. Along with the fact that Bosch paints hell this all has a creepy vibe. He taught himself as far as we know and with the amount of skill he carries you would think that he would have to have a teacher with skill like Michaelangelo. Another thing that is amazing about bosch is that he can paint animals with the skill of Da Vinci but he never seemed to like painting animals because it was not a "fun" thing to paint to him.

When Hieronymus Bosch tries to paint the terrors of the old world and the middle ages he really can get in your head. He can have an Alfred Hitchcock effect on you where the moment stays with you and can almost become real. Bosch is remembered today I believe because of his bizarre and out-of-this-world paintings. People now in modern times can still believe in heaven and hell and how you want to stay out of hell because of these terrors, this is what Bosch left. Bosch might not have had the skill of Michaelangelo and the genius of Da Vinci but he definately was unique.

bosch.jpgThis is The last Judgement, another religous painting. by bosch
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