Queen Elizabeth 1
queen-elizabeth.jpg Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533, and died in 1603. Her parents were Henry VIII, and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Anne was executed when Elizabeth was three. After Henry died, Elizabeth's brother Edward, ruled. And after that, her sister Mary. Elizabeths life was hard when Mary ruled because Mary was very christian and wanted to change the rules of Britain. Elizabeth wasn't the same kind of christian, she was Protestant.
Many Protestants were burned at the steak if they spoke against Mary. Elizabeth spoke against Mary and managed to stay alive. Mary died in 1558. And Elizabeth became Queen. She was twenty-five years old. She was Queen for forty-five years.
Elizabeth never married so that she could hold onto all the power of Britain. She did have many lovers though. One of them being Thomas Seymour. He was Elizabeth's step mothers husband after Henry died. He was Elizabeth's first love.
When Elizabeth died, James VI of Scotland took over. He was a christian.


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Elizabeth Quotes

Quotes: From Queen Elizabeth I

"As the saying is, so many heads, so many wits."
"There are most deceived that trusteth most in themselves."
"A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing"
"Where minds differ and opinions swerve there is scant a friend in that company"