Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Florence, Italy on April 15, 1452. His birth name is Leonardo Di Ser Piero. He was an illegitimate child and lived with his peasant mom until he was three. Then he moved in with his father but his father was very busy so he spent most time with his Uncle Francesco. Francesco was a farmer so Leonardo spent a lot of time outside sketching nature. Since he was an illegitimate child he would not he allowed to go to a university or become involved with his fathers work.

He became a very good artist. When he was 14 he became the apprentice of Andrea di Cione who was another famous artist at the time. There Leonardo worked on drawing, painting, sculptering and modeling. By the time he finished his training he had become better then his trainer (
Andrea di Cione). Andrea was so aware of da Vinci's talent he decided to quit painting. Da Vinci became a professional painter and continued with his career.

Leonardo became bored very easily. He would often start a painting and then would start to do something else. Therefore, he did not finish many of his paintings.

He also wanted all of his paintings to look more real. He wasn't satisfied by just looking at the outside of a body so he would go to the morgue and remove the bodies and then bring them back to his house to study them.

In 1504 his father and uncle died and Leonardo inherited their belongings and money. He continued to make paintings. In 1513 he left Florence and went to Rome. He opened up a work-shop and did many projects for the Pope.

Although Leonardo became paralyzed in his right hand he managed to finish 2 paintings before he died on May 2, 1519, in France. In the time Leonardo lived he attempted to make 33 paintings but only finished 5. Here are 5 of the 13 finished paintings that he made:

The Last Supper
The Last supper was painted on the wall in the dinning room of Santa Maria Delle Grazie monastery in Milan. Its about the last supper of crist.christ.

St. John The Baptist
St. John the Baptist was one of Di Vinci's last works. It was painted with different shades of the same color.

The Annunciation
The annunciation is a painting of angle Gabriel telling Marry that she was going to give birth to Jeuse. Di Vinci used oil paints, a powder color mix and egg yolks to paint it.

The Virgin Of The Rocks
This was the first paint ing that di vinci ever finished in Milan. It's about when Jesus met John The baptist.

The Mona LIsa

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous painting in the world. Da Vinci made it when he was 50 and he liked it so much he kept it until he died.


Some people think that it is a self portrait of him if he was a women because if you put a drawing he made of him self and match it up with the Mona Lisa it matches up perfectly.

Da Vinci made a lot more paintings then this (though he sadly didn't finish all of them) and was one of the best artist in the world!

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